About Us

Jose De La Torre Jr. has always had a strong work ethic. The oldest of 5 children, De La Torre picked up that trait working with his father, Jose De La Torre Sr., who owned and operated a landscaping business.

When the junior De La Torre turned 18, he started working for a local septic company. Applying that strong work ethic, he stayed with thatcompany for 10 years, pumping, installing and repairing septic systems. During this time, he also started a family. He wanted a comfortable life for his wife and children and decided the best way to do that was to start his own business. 

In 1992, he bought a pair of big rigs and began working as a sub-hauler, founding De La Torre & Sons Trucking. The first couple years weren't easy but the trucking business eventually stabilized and continues to grow every year.

As the trucking company name implies, Jose envisioned his company one day becoming a family business. He was eager to have his sons join him and continue the family business. As his family grew, Jose looked for ways to expand the business. He founded De La Torre & Sons Septic in 2000.

Now with 5 sons, a daughter, and 2 grandchildren, Jose and his wife Tennille (who has a background in Business Management) focus on growing their business by continuing to stay on top of industry requirements with focus on solutions that deliver best results for their clients.